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management representative

ISO 14001

Management Representative

Internal Auditing Techniques,
OHSAS 18001

 Certification : €110
 e-examinations  competence validation against
 e-training materials  Industry recognized criteria

 + Applying for e-certification

  • To apply for any e-certification programme, Candidates simply complete the Registration Application, and forward it to A specialist House of Quality advisor will assess the application and respond either confirming eligibility or with a personalised Gap Analysis dependent on the Candidate‚Äôs training, experience and other e-certification criteria. Prospective Candidates are encouraged to discuss this programme with their advisor at this stage when contact details will be provided. It is the policy of the House of Quality to accept Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) where appropriate. e-certification fees only become due when any remediation identified in the Gap Analysis has been agreed and subsequently rectified.
    Candidates may withdraw from the programme at any stage.

 + Validity of e-certification

  • e-certification is valid for one year. To renew, candidates must demonstrate 16 hours activity appropriate to the subject which must be supported by an Audit Log. Renewal fees are based on 33% of the original cost. Holders of e-certifications will be invited to renew approximately one month prior to the expiry date.

 + e-certification criteria for OHSAS 18001 Management Representative

OHSAS 18001  Certification Criteria
 e-examination requirements  Candidates without formal training may qualify with a HoQ e-examination
 OHSAS 18001 Foundation
 Internal Auditing Techniques    
 Work Experience Requirements  
 2 years General  
 1 year in an OHSAS 18001
 Educational Requirements  
 Minimum of High School Certificate    
 Audit Requirements  Verified with an Audit Log
 3 Internal OHSAS 18001 Audits
 2 Audits in Lead Auditor role
 Observer (or Management Rep) in
 an OHSAS 18001 (re)Certification  Audit
 HoQ Project Requirements
 OHSAS 18001 Audit Assessment
 Planning & Reporting OHSAS 18001
 Development and conducting of
 OHSAS 18001 Risk Assessment
 OHSAS 18001 Management
 System Development Project

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