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VDA 6.3 Process Auditing

based on VDA 6.3 June 2010

Training Manuals
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 + Training Subject Overview

Course Duration: 2-Day (16 Hours)
  • The structure of VDA 6.3 (June 2010) has significantly changed the approach to Internal Auditing. The inclusion of a Project Planning segment specifically requires a typical approach similar to that indicated in AQP (AIAG) and other segments require an understanding of Product & Process Design and General Quality Management.

  • The skills required to Audit;
              Project Planning, Design & Process Development & Realization,
              Supplier Control and Customer Satisfaction
    are quite different to those skills required to Audit the
               Ongoing control of typical Series Production.

  •   NQF Level: 4/5

 + Content

Entrance requirements: Matric + 2 years work experience
Management Clauses Series Production Clauses
2: Project Management
3: Product/Process Development
4: Product/Process Realization
5: Supplier Management
7: Customer Satisfaction
Assessment Rating
Audit Methodology
Summary of New Requirements
6: Production Process Analysis
6.1 Process Input
6.2 Production Control
6.3 Human Resources
6.4 Material Resources
6.5 Process Efficiency
6.6 Process Output
Scoring System
Documentation Audits
Gap Analysis
Process Potential (Feasibility) Audits

 + Outcomes

On successful completion delegates will be able to...
  • Describe the purpose and benefits of Process Auditing and how and why it is utilised
  • Understand the general requirements of VDA 6.3 and who it affects in the organisation
  • Understand the basic principles of the Process Approach and its objectives
  • Understand the relationships between Product, Process and System Auditing

 + Course Benefits

Process Auditing training adds value by:
  • Undertaking effective constructive Process Audits
  • Reporting on findings to increase the effectiveness of the Manufacturing Process
  • Understanding of Process Audit Performance enhance to continuous improvement
  • Reducing duplication with System and Process Audits

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